TULIP (Tenants and Users  Liability Insurance Policy) may be a solution for user/groups who desire to use  the Pasadena Masonic Temple for events. This gives the user/group a liability  insurance purchasing option, to meet the Pasadena Masonic Temple liability  insurance requirements for events and just as important, gives you your own  liability insurance protection, given the reality that there is no immunity for  anyone from liability exposures these days.

The user group/organization can go online, complete the  liability insurance application, and purchase direct from the insurer when  qualified.


We have setup the Pasadena  Masonic Temple as a facility member institution to the TULIP program.  To be  user-friendly, we have already advised the insurer of our specific institutional  insurance requirements for renters, the applicant organization need only  complete the rest of the insurance application details for their respective  premium quote and conduct their own purchasing decision.

Go to the TULIP website and apply for TULIP coverage inserting the Venue code ( OB14-192 ) the type of event and your information to register and where needed.: https://app.gatherguard.com/

Insurance, Bond, Permits and Licenses: At least two weeks before the Term begins, Licensee will provide to Masonic Temple a certificate of insurance, in a form and with such insurer(s)  as is acceptable to Masonic Temple, naming Masonic Temple as an additional  insured, waiving subrogation against Masonic Temple as permitted by law,  certifying the following coverages and minimum limits will be in effect during  the Term: (a) Comprehensive General Liability insurance with limits of at least  $1 million per occurrence, including but not limited to claims for personal  injury and property damaged; (b) Workers’ Compensation insurance in compliance  with all statutory requirements; (c) Business Auto liability insurance, if  applicable, of at least $1 million combined single limit; and, (d) if alcoholic  beverages are served, liquor liability coverage of at least $1 million. Licensee  is responsible for all costs of insurance.